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Mission Statement

The Parents Committee (PAC), as part of the PCA community, exists to offer support and enrichment to the faculty, staff, parents and the programming of Peoples Christian Academy for the purpose of enhancing the growing and learning environment for God’s glory.

Parent Support Team

The primary purpose of the Parents Committee (PAC) is to function as a support team, to act as a communication channel between the parents and the school, and to assist the school’s administration in a variety of school-related events throughout the year.

As a volunteer, parent-run group, the PAC works for the benefit of the students and to strengthen PCA’s overall quality of education by:

  • supporting the spiritual environment through prayer and through the organization of family spiritual support initiatives.
  • communicating with the parents, school administration, faculty and staff;
  • supporting educational programs through volunteer services;
  • strengthening the school community through the organization and promotion of special events;
  • providing suggestions and recommendations on broad base issues that affect parents’ and students’ welfare

Through the PAC, the teacher, administration and parent interaction serves to promote communication and the development of true community. PAC consists of parent representatives, both on recommended and volunteer basis.   Each year, PAC organizes prayer meetings, staff appreciation dinner, parenting seminar, used uniform and book sale and many other activities. Volunteers are always welcome to assist with these functions.


Meet your PAC rep this year



SK – Loo Sean Ho

Grade 1– Lisa Walker

Grade 2 – Loo Sean Ho

Grade 3 — Lisa Walker

Grade 4 — Lisa Walker

Grade 5 – Susan Pahk

Grade 6 — Sandra Holmes

Grade 7 –Veronica Tang

Grade 8 – Kathleen Kim

Grade 9 – Stephen To

Grade 10 – TBD

Grade 11 – Mary Yan

Grade 12 – Pauline Proussalidis




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