Senior School Extra-Curricular Activities

The total learning/growing experience in the Senior School incorporates both structured curricular programs and extra-curricular opportunities. Students enjoy a wide variety of such options through which they develop their skills, knowledge and talents as they grow in character. Under the leadership of coaches, students plan and organize events and assume leadership positions such as team captains, student council members and house captains.

The Arts

PCA Senior School Chorus – Fideles

The name Fideles originates from the French word, Fidèle, which means “faithful”. As a Christian school, our Senior School students dedicate weekly rehearsal times as a choir. Our choir meets regularly throughout the school year to practice for special occasions, such as Open Houses, Christmas Concerts, Christmas carolling, and Spring Concerts. Fideles consists of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices. Our goal is to use the gifts that God has given to bless those around us, as well as glorifying our Heavenly Father.

PCA students also meet weekly for orchestra practice. PCA orchestra has at least two public concerts every year.

PCA drama club is a group of drama lovers who direct, act, design sets, and manage stage. The PCA community enjoys its annual performance each spring.

Other activities include Art Club, DECA, Reach for the Top competition, yearbook club.


PCA Senior School participates in several sports leagues including ACSI, TDCAA, SSAF and OFSAA. Students have choices to participate in basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field, soccer, running club, softball and ultimate frisbee. Our coaches provide exceptional training in teamwork, physical skills, fitness disciplines and sportsmanship.

The PCA running club meets regularly in the fall and spring. Students participate in different races as suggested by the coach.

Each winter, senior school students will enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding and tubing at an Ontario resort.

Intramurals take place between the houses.

Science and Mathematics 

PCA Senior School participates in a wide variety of science and mathematics related activities:

  • Science Fair – Junior & Senior
  • Competitions: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer
  • HOSA
  • Robotics

Another important component of learning outside classrooms is the mission initiatives. To learn more, please click here.

Community Involvement

All high school students in Ontario intending to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service over the course of their high school year.  For general information regarding this diploma requirement and for lists of eligible and ineligible activities, please refer to the document here.  In order for hours to be properly recorded, all students must hand in completed community involvement forms to the guidance office following their participation.  Forms can be downloaded here.

At PCA, the attitude and lifestyle of serving and caring for others is nurtured both at PCA and at home from a young age.  For the last 11 years, PCA graduates have completed on average 144 hours over the course of 4 years.  Together they have accrued a total of 64,830 hours of community service which is equivalent to approximately 7 years of continued service.

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  • SS 2015 Boys Volleyball 1

  • SS 2015 Boys Volleyball 3

  • Senior School Sports

  • SS Gr12 Biology Radiation Medicine 2

  • SS Girls Volleyball 2015 2

  • SS Boys Basketball 2015 2

  • Senior School Outdoor 6

  • Senior School Outdoor 3

  • Senior School Outdoor 4

  • Senior School Outdoor 5

  • Senior School Outdoor 7

  • Senior School Outdoor 9

  • Senior School Outdoor 10

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  • Senior School Drama 1

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  • Senior School Drama 3

  • Senior School Drama 4

  • Senior school Drama 5

  • Senior School Drama 6

  • Senior School Formal

  • Senior School Fun

  • Senior School Student Council Event 2

  • Senior School Student Council Event

  • Senior School Outdoor 12

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Our parents share their stories:
  • Thanks for your prayers and love for our family.  We have felt the love and care the teachers have for us.
    Middle School Parent
  • We travel over an hour in each direction

    Why does my family travel over an hour in each direction just to drive our kids to Peoples Christian Academy?

    Last year, my son was in a disastrous situation at a public school.  On a regular basis, he either had gotten off the school bus and was left alone looking for an unlocked door to get to his kindergarten classroom, or in the evenings, he would be left helpless at the playground unable to find his correct school bus. This had continued for 6 months, until an old bus driver alerted me of her observation--that it was the school's (not my son’s) fault that he was repeatedly left unattended – nobody cares!

    Furthermore, my son frequently returned home from his old school with art work celebrating Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Bahá'í’s faith days or themes.  He countered my teachings on heaven with the curriculum-enforced concept of reincarnation, yet Christianity was never presented. Christmas was only about Frosty the Snowman or Santa and his reindeer.

    In the past half year at PCA, however, the tide has changed.  Now, he comes home with Bible verses and interesting materials that have helped him to learn about spiritual truths.  His reading has improved tremendously; he enjoys music instruction, and he feels safe on the school grounds. Everyone from the office to the after-school program staff show true Christian care.
    Lily K. (PCA parent)
  • Once again, we thank God for your commitment and sacrifices for this ministry. May God continue to bless every staff member and volunteer who have endlessly poured out their lives to train the students in God's way. We pray that PCA will continue to grow in numbers as well as be spiritually stronger each and every day. This is a dark and broken world, and there is a great need for God's soldiers in our future generation. Keep up the good work! To Him be the glory!
    Alex L. (PCA Parent)
  • PCA nurtured so many spiritual leaders who are now serving in churches (including our church) and other places of the world.  Our kids also got strong and solid Christian education here.
    Priscilla and Jonathan (PCA Parents)
  • Dear PCA,

    From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to sincerely thank each and every teacher, parent, student, and everyone else from PCA who gave us and continues to give us support and prayer through this difficult time. I am so grateful to have placed my children in a school where such strong relationships are built. I can sleep well knowing that I have made the right decision having my children go to a school that not only gives an excellent education, but great long-lasting friendships, and a solid Christian foundation. I know that the faculty and friends that my children meet at PCA will all influence them in some way for the future, and I am not worried. PCA is like family to me, and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.
    Sincerely, Kenneth Y. and Family
  • Passionate and caring spirit

    One day when my 7 year old daughter and I were on the road, we heard sirens from an ambulance. When I was looking for where the ambulance was coming from, I noticed my daughter was bowing down her head.  I asked, "Are you scared?" She said, "No, I am praying. Teacher said, "when we hear ambulance passing by, that means someone is in trouble. We shall pray for the people involved." I thank PCA for instilling a passionate and caring spirit in my child.
    Carol L. (PCA parent)
  • Thank you for your hard work through the school year.  My daughter had a wonderful year.  We are so grateful that she had many wonderful teachers in the Middle School.
    Middle School Parent
  • Both of our children attended the Peoples School many years ago and we are forever thankful for the positive influence the teachers and staff had in their lives.  Thank you.
    Dave and Joyce (PCA Parents)
  • We moved schools from Toronto to Markham on the great testimony from good friends who have children in PCA. We are so incredibly thankful that we did. PCA has been a daily blessing to our family. One of our children has graduated from ELC to JK, and we currently have another enrolled in ELC. Not only are the staff kind and caring (which is a hope you have in all daycares), the ELC supersede expectations by also coming alongside parents in the building up of children in the Lord. They do this with a spirit of accountability that you rarely see in any other academic institutions; the staff nurture and love, teach, correct, and encourage - and we are constantly amazed at the level of care they provide. PCA feels like an extension of our church family; we feel like that is the case because the of the culture of "living together as a church family" that comes from the leadership of the school.
    If you are considering PCA, know that your children will grow here: physically (my picky 3 year old eats so well here!), mentally (Montessori-like learning) emotionally and spiritually. Enrolling our children at PCA has been one of the best decisions we have ever made, and we would recommend it to any parent in a heartbeat.
    S. and L. Ho
  • Peoples Christian Academy is academically strong.

    It was in these classrooms that my three sons were challenged to reach high, trained to work hard and inspired to think ‘outside the box’.

    Gifted, well qualified and supportive teachers and staff greeted my boys each day. In this caring community, teachers often gave precious time and help beyond the call of duty to their students. Music, drama, tutoring, sports teams, community service and mission trips were all part of the ’extras’. Each of my ’boys’ (now men), greatly benefited from these additional helps, enabling them to become more confident, skilled and well rounded as individuals.

    To my sons as well as my husband and me, it is the long lasting friendships with both staff and fellow student’s that has made Peoples school that extra special place for each of us.

    As a distinctively Christian school, my sons were challenged and inspired to see life through biblical principles and to follow Jesus. Hence, PCA’s influence has formed the underpinning of ideas and values that now fuel my children’s future.

    My hope is to encourage you also to give your child a similar opportunity for growth and accomplishment, by sending them to Peoples Christian Academy. We are forever grateful for this school and it’s influence in all our lives.
    Cathy D. (PCA parent)
  • We are so blessed to have our children in PCA.
    William and Angela (PCA Parents)