Testimonials – alumni

I am a PCA lifer (I went to this school from K-12)! Not only has this school taught me about following Jesus, it has also given me several opportunities to practically live out following Jesus.  I had opportunities to serve my local community and also go abroad on short-term mission trips to Senegal, Africa, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Tijuana, Mexico.  These experiences let me see what missionaries do on the field and inspired me to follow suit.  One of my favourite things about PCA, however, is the teachers who invested in me, mentored me, and walked with me.  I would not be who I am without them, so to those teachers who have also become my friends, thank you for seeing potential in me, being patient with me, and never being short of encouragement for me.

Dorothy Yeung

PCA contributed to my life in huge ways, most of all by teaching me the unfiltered truths of God unashamedly, sending me across the world to share the Gospel with those who have never heard it and modeling for me what it means to not waste my life and instead live for the glory of God.

Josh Lau

I look back fondly on my time at PCA as it was absolutely foundational to everything I have done since graduation. The academics were very strong and the spiritual grounding was essential as I learned so much about the Lord, the Bible and missions.

Tim Strickland, Lead Pastor at Waverly Road Baptist Church

PCA has definitely played and continues to play a huge part in the growth of my faith. I’ve been in the school for the past ten years. I’ve found that being in an environment where I’m surrounded by friends and teachers who share the same faith and values have provided inspiring examples. My friends have understood and walked along side me as I’ve grown up. I believe that they will be lifelong friends that will keep me grounded as I move out into the world.

Lizzie Ojo

If 4 years of high school is only preparation for 4+ years of university, it has very little lasting value.

PCA helped establish the foundations of my faith.  The knowledge I learned in elementary/middle school was great, but I learned how to apply it on an in-depth scale in high school.  Church is great, but what’s 4 hours of church a week + 2 hours of fellowship a week when compared to year round Bible studies, discussions on issues of faith and learning to defend one’s faith we received at PCA?  PCA is combining school with seminary schooling for your children.  PCA taught me to take my faith and make it my own.

Joanne L.

I certainly did benefit from my years at PCA. The opportunity to be involved with student council, sports teams, musicals, and a singing ensemble that ministered in various Toronto churches combined with weekly chapel services and great courses taught by dedicated teachers all combined for a great high school experience.

I serve as the Pastor of Church Networking at Peoples Church where I work with church planters and pastors to support their churches with training and volunteers to advance their outreach in Toronto. I’m also a regional mobilizer with C2C network (www.c2cnetwork.ca) which is a national church planting network. Our family’s most recent adventure is that we’re starting a new charity called Love a Village to facilitate mission work that God has been opening up for us in northern Malawi over the past few years.

Trevor Seath, Pastor of Church Networking at the Peoples Church

I love PCA because it is a place where we can learn freely about God. We can pray and read the Bible, but in other countries we would be prosecuted for praying. We have chapel where we learn about Christ and discuss His teachings in the Bible. We have good teachers that teach our subjects with a Christian perspective. After a while, you can really feel that God is with us, helping us excel with work.

Ryan L.

I have been a physical education teacher for about 15 year’s and I am sure I chose that career because of Miss Rose, my PE teacher at Peoples. She made physical education so much fun, which is what I always try to do for my students.

Lori Leschisin, Class of 1978 Physical Education Teacher.

Lori Leschisin

Thank you Peoples Christian Academy for creating an environment in which love for Jesus and love for knowledge can be cultivated together to form a whole Christian life.

Andrew Adkins, (1975-1987) Missionary Lecturer in Ghana, West Africa

Andrew Adkins

Peoples Christian Academy had a huge impact on me in terms of developing my love for Christian music.

Ali Matthews, (1973-1980) Canadian Award-winning Singer/Songwriter

Ali Matthews