My four years at university were tumultuous, but I am confident that they were also necessary because of what God revealed to me about Him and about myself. He is jealous for me, but even more than that, He is jealous for His Holy Name (Exodus 34:12-14; Ezekiel 9:25). Well, university came and went. Thankfully, God directed my career path even before I knew I wanted to serve Him.

I am now a Registered Nurse working in the core of Toronto. My passion to love and care for my patients on a regular basis is one of my greatest joy. This job is harder than it appears, and some days, I am absolutely drained. However, the joy that I found in university… it’s there, and it shines bright on the greyest of days. I constantly remind myself of what a privilege it is to be so practically the hands and feet of Christ. When my focus is on serving Him first and foremost, I am encouraged and strengthened. He is enough for me and I want nothing more than to make famous His name, bring Him glory, and give Him my all. I am so thankful for my supportive parents, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ who have been around, and continue to be here in this race.

I am still in touch with some of my teachers from PCA. It has been immensely satisfying to share with them what God has done in my life. Moreover, I cannot even begin to thank them for how they have been instrumental as vessels through which God has used to bring Himself glory. If you were ever my teacher, or a past or present teacher at PCA: thank you. May you be blessed, so that through you, others will be blessed. All glory to Him forever, Amen.