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Senior School Curriculum

PCA Senior School offers a wide range of university preparatory courses.  Below please find the list of courses offered in previous years or courses that may be introduced in coming years.  Courses may be added or dropped depending on enrollment numbers for any given course.

ADA1O    Gr. 9     Dramatic Arts

ADA2O    Gr. 10   Dramatic Arts

ADA3M    Gr. 11   Dramatic Arts

ADA4M    Gr. 12   Dramatic Arts

AMU1OI   Gr. 9     Music – Instrumental (non piano)

AMU2OI   Gr. 10   Music – Instrumental

AMU3MI   Gr. 11   Music – Instrumental

AMU4MI   Gr. 12   Music – Instrumental

AMU3O    Gr. 11   Music – Performance

AMU1OV Gr. 9     Music – Vocal

AMU2OV Gr. 10   Music – Vocal

AMU3MV Gr. 11   Music – Vocal

AMU4MV Gr. 12   Music – Vocal

ASM30    Gr. 10   Media Arts

AVI1O      Gr. 9     Visual Arts

AVI2O      Gr. 10   Visual Arts

AVI3M     Gr. 11   Visual Arts

AVI4M     Gr. 12   Visual Arts

BAF3M    Gr. 11   Financial Accounting Fundamentals

BAT4M    Gr. 12   Principles of Financial Accounting

BOH4M    Gr. 12   Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

CGC1D    Gr. 9     Geography of Canada

CGF3M    Gr. 11   Physical Geography

CGG3O    Gr. 11   Regional Geography: Travel and Tourism

CGW4U   Gr. 12   Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis

CHC2D    Gr. 10   Canadian History in the Twentieth Century

CHV2O    Gr. 10   Civics (½ credit)

CHW3M   Gr. 11   World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century

CHY4U    Gr. 12   World History Since the End of the Fifteenth Century

CIA4U      Gr. 12   Analyzing Current Economic Issues

CIE3M     Gr. 11   The Individual and the Economy

CLU3M    Gr. 11   Understanding Canadian Law

CLN4U     Gr. 12   Canadian and International Law

EMS3O    Gr. 11   English Media Studies

ENG1D    Gr. 9     English

ENG2D    Gr. 10   English

ENG3U    Gr. 11   English

ENG4U    Gr. 12   English

EPS3O    Gr. 11   Presentation & Speaking Skills

ETS4U     Gr. 12   Studies in Literature

EWC4U    Gr. 12   The Writer’s Craft

FSF1D     Gr. 9     French

FSF2D     Gr. 10   French

FSF3U     Gr. 11   French

FSF4U     Gr. 12   French

GLC2O    Gr. 10   Career Studies (½ credit)

HHG4M    Gr. 12   Issues in Human Growth and Development

HHS4U    Gr. 12    Families in Canada

HRE13     Gr. 9     Bible

HRE4M    Gr. 12   Church and Culture

HRT3M    Gr. 11   World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, & Religious Traditions

HSP3U    Gr. 11   Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

HZT4U     Gr. 12   Philosophy: Questions & Theories

ICS20      Gr. 10   Introduction to Computer Studies

ICS3U      Gr. 11   Introduction to Computer Science

ICS4U      Gr. 12   Computer Science

IDC3O     Gr. 11   Interdisciplinary Studies

MCR3U    Gr. 11   Functions

MCV4U    Gr. 12   Calculus & Vectors

MDM4U   Gr. 12   Mathematics of Data Management

MHF4U    Gr. 12   Advanced Functions

MPM1D   Gr. 9     Principles of Mathematics

MPM2D   Gr. 10   Principles of Mathematics

PPL1O     Gr. 9     Healthy Active Living Education

PPL20     Gr. 10   Healthy Active Living Education

PPL3O     Gr. 11   Healthy Active Living Education

PSK4U    Gr. 12   Introductory Kinesiology

REL2O     Gr. 10   Bible

REL4O     Gr. 12   Bible

SNC1D    Gr. 9     Science

SNC2D    Gr. 10   Science

SBI3U      Gr. 11   Biology

SBI4U      Gr. 12   Biology

SCH3U    Gr. 11   Chemistry

SCH4U    Gr. 12   Chemistry

SES4U    Gr. 12   Earth and Space Science

SVN3M    Gr. 11   Environmental Science

SPH3U    Gr. 11   Physics

SPH4U    Gr. 12   Physics

TIJ10       Gr. 9     Exploring Technologies

TGJ2O    Gr. 10    Communications Technology

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