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Our Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 students are challenged and encouraged to learn through innovative instruction. From phonics to French and from visual arts to athletics, students are inspired to explore and learn every day.

Peoples Christian Academy Junior School follow the Ontario Ministry of Education Elementary Curriculum guidelines as outline here.  ACSI curriculum and supplements are used with additional materials from a variety of sources to strengthen the overall learning expectations. In addition to the core subjects (Language, Mathematics, Bible, Social Studies, Science), we provide programs in French, Music, Arts, Computer, and Physical Education.

Co-curricular activities include

  • Two musicals/ concerts a year
  • Learning to skate and learning to ski in winter
  • Chess competition
  • Speech Meet competition
  • ACSI Track and Field
  • ACSI Cross Country
  • Intermural competitions


CAT/4 Result 2016

As an indicator of PCA’s student performance levels vis-à-vis national performance rankings, PCA administers the standardized Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) each year to two different grades. This year the Grade 3 and Grade 7 classes were administered the CAT4 battery of tests just one month into the year. The exact grade level testing, therefore, was 3.1 and 7.1.

The skills areas that were targeted for Grade 3 were reading, word analysis, vocabulary, writing conventions, mathematics, computation/estimation and spelling. As a class, the Grade 3’s scored a grade equivalent rating of 4.3 (almost grade 5 level!) in 6 of the seven areas.

The Grade 7’s were tested for reading, vocabulary, writing conventions, spelling, mathematics and computation/estimation. Here are our Grade 7 grade equivalent ratings: reading (9.9), vocabulary (9.9), writing conventions (9.9), spelling (9.9), mathematics (9.9) and computation/estimation (9.9).

Grade Equivalence Rating for PCA Students

PCA 2014 CAT 4 Gr. 7 graph

Our parents share their stories: