Day 9 – Final Day at a Christo Liberador and Returning Home

Our final day in Ecuador was filled with joy, sadness, hope, and reflection. Joy to spend time with the abuelitos (grandparents) at Christo Liberador again, sadness of having to part from friends in Ecuador (including our Youth World hosts, Pablo and Grace), hope in God for meeting the needs of His people in Ecuador, and…


Day 8 – Service Day at Christo Liberador!

           Today was our final full day in Ecuador. We spent the morning doing maintenance work at Christo Liberador, which included assembling tables and chairs, assembling stained glass windows, completing the unfinished mural outside of the church, and fixing water damage inside the church. By God’s grace, everyone had the energy…


Day 7 – First Day at Cristo Liberador

Today, we arrived bright and early at Cristo Liberador and were welcomed by the pastor and all the abuelitos (grandparents) who attend that church. The Pastor encouraged us to adopt a grandparent during our time with Cristo Liberador to really focus on spending time with, encouraging, and loving our Ecuadorian grandparent. Following breakfast and a…


Day 6 – A Time to Learn and Reflect

Today, we began our day at Casa Gabriel, a home for street young men, to learn more about this ministry which is also under Youth World. While there, we also learned more about Casa Adalia, a home for street young women. Our team had the opportunity to visit La Mitad Del Mundo, Equador’s official equator…


Day 5 – Farewell to Buen Pastor

Today, our team attended Sunday service at Buen Pastor. Mr. Chung shared a message about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness from Luke 4 and two of our students shared their salvation testimonies. It was truly a joy and a blessing to be able to worship God together with our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters. After…


Day 4- Continued Partnership With Buen Pastor

   Today we had the blessed opportunity to serve poorer families alongside our brothers and sisters at Buen Pastor. We learned that in Ecuador, the much poorer families tended to live near the mountains. The pastor at Buen Pastor told us that their church desired to reach out to these families to let them know…


Day 3 – First Day at Buen Pastor!

Today was our first day of ministry here in Ecuador. We were warmly received by the Buen Pastor church, and learned about God’s faithfulness to this church over the past decades. After introducing ourselves, we had the privilege of serving this church through light construction work. It was a joy serving alongside our Ecuadorian brothers…


Day 2 – Seeing Quito and Orientation Day!

Our first full day in Quito, Ecuador was filled with famous landmarks and informative orientations. In the morning, we learned more about Ecuador through our two team hosts, Pablo and Grace, and afterwards, learned much more about Youth World and their nine ministries. It is incredible to get a glimpse of what God has been…


Day 1 – Safe Arrival In Ecuador!

Hello from Quito, Ecuador! Today was a wonderful day of safe travel and settling into a spacious hostel. We arrived in Panama City around 2pm, and then arrived in Quito around 7:15pm. We were able to get some rest during both plane rides, and also spent some time preparing our hearts for our time here…


Welcome home!

Praise the Lord that our mission team members have arrived Toronto safely and reunited with their families!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Have a blessed Easter everyone!